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Updated on Thursday ... 05-March-1998 ... 0650 PST

New 2pt blank Well, here are some pictures of the special event. As you can see, lots of folks came from afar to attend. It is great to see everyone looking so well. Hey, who is that guy who looks like The Rev? Could it be? Did Jerry really venture all the way to Sewickley. See for yourself ...

Update 2pt blank Look! I have an update already. I just finished speaking with Jerry. He said Mondo put on one heck of a party. (Pam Tufts said the same thing. Way sorry we missed it.) "It went on til the wee hours." he said. Attendees included lots of Mondo's freinds from PIT, his good friend Susan, his brothers Jim and Johnny, and some old friends from every point of the compass. Cool.

And now, there are 16 more pictures. Please click here to see the photos that Mondo sent. The page will take a few seconds to load, but I think you will find it worth the wait. Check 'em out ...

Pictures of Mondo's party ...

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The birthday boy.
(Mondo Tall Guy)
Looking good!

Tom Malone, Greg and Pam Tufts, Jerry Josephson, Janet Frame and Al Thomas

Tom "Foosball" Malone and the eternally lovely
Janet Frame

Greg (with Pam aboard) shows Mondo he was Friar Tuck in a former life

The Reverend Bo Josephson and Toni Stephens share a good laugh

Jim Stephens,
Al "Beppp" Thomas,
Janet and Jerry

Sandy and Jerry
Great smiles!

SPECIAL thanks to Greg "Rocket" Tufts who provided the pictures you see here. Standy by for more to come ...

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