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Blue dot New 2 2pt blank (08-August-1999)   Check out this photo of Gina and her boys. What a good looking group! Some pretty flowers too.
Blue dot 2pt blank (03-April-1999)   Well, an update here has been long over due. I was inspired by a batch of pictures Gina (Mossimo and Marco's Mom) sent the other day. The guys are growing fast. Click here for a closer look at the brothers you see in the page banner. Look below for more of the latest pictures!

I am taking this opportunity to change the page layout as well. Now that there are two nephews to track, I am going to drop the individual statistics, and just report on what these two guys are up to. We hope you enjoy your visit with the boys ...

Blue dot 2pt blank (02-October-1998)   Born this Friday Marco Robert Gambrioli. The second son born to Gina and Greg. Our second great-nephew.
Blue dot 2pt blank (26-July-1998)   There are no new pictures of Max, but I did add a picture of his good neighbor Candi Hobin. Check out her picture and a picture of a spectacular dalia in Max's garden here.
Blue dot 2pt blank (25-June-1996)   Born this Tuesday Mossimo Warren Gambrioli. He is the first son of Gina Bowers Gambrioli and Greg Gambrioli. Our great-nephew.

        The Archives are now open!

Click here to see Max's photo archives. At the archives you will find pictures that were previous available on this page. There is also an archive of all of the pictures used in Max's page banners (like the one at the top of this page). Check 'em out ...

    Here are the latest pictures of Mossimo and Marco ...
    All photos taken by Grandmother Chris. (Nice work Chris!)
    Click on the small picture to get a closer look.

Batter up!
Mossimo is ready for
the home opener.

It's Marco!
One good looking guy.

Keys to my own

Marco in the

Marco with azalea.

It' s Mossimo.

    Photos taken by Uncle Bob on 17-October-1998 ...

Mossimo and Marco

Max and his Mom ...

Whoa! Severe close-up.
Max's Great-Grandmother

Gina and Marco
Watch this space for more photos of Max and Marco.
I have some photos to scan, so it will not be long ...
Once again, welcome Marco Robert Gambrioli!

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