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Mondo's 50th Birthday Photo Gallery

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Mark Laughrey
Shari Rodrigues
and John Minor

Sandy played lots of softball with Mark and John.

Mondo, Susan and Sandy Gagliano watch Roger (Susan's cousin) do his magic.

From the left ...
Brother Johnny, Al Thomas, Steve Holt, Mondo, Frank Weber, Brother Johnny and
Gary Greene

Pete Lesich
Steve and Adrianne
with Mondo.

Steve "Holtsie" Holt
Jim Stevens

(I grew up with these guys in SJC.)

Mike Kandell
Frank Weber

Strolling Violinist

He took requests and wandered around for about 2 hours.
Nice touch.

Don and Lori Wade
Greg and Pam Tufts

Bob Tarkington and Al "Beppp" Thomas

Sandy worked with these gentlemen in SMF

Michelle Whitmore had a blast!

(I worked with Michelle in SJC ... in the old days.)

Mondo putting that monster candle out. NOTE: The Sewickley Volunteer Fire Department was on stand-by ...

Susan Banahasky and the Birthday boy. Sandy will be ever grateful for all of her hard work in the kitchen. She kept the guests happy.

From the left ...
Sarah Ferguson, Patty Schwalbe, Janet Frame, Michelle Morris, Johnny Schreiber, Pete Lesich, Steve Condos and Adrianne Condos
Variation #1
Variation #2

Sarah Ferguson

Mondo said there would not have been a party, if it were not for all Sarah did to make it happen.
Well done, Sarah!

Johnny Schreiber
Sandy Schreiber
Jim Schreiber

Well, you had to
be there ...

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