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Here is a collection of photos from around the house. There is a page dedicated to our garden. Marilyn does a great job keeping it blooming and beautiful. There is also a page of the monthly photos of our backyard deck featured on our home page banners each month. It it fun seeing the changes over the months. Enjoy ...

Green dot 2pt blank Posted: 01-August-1998   Updated!   Updated: 01-October-1998
Our deck. This page is a retrospective of the photos that appear in our Home Page banner each month. Although we do not have big changes each season ... there are some. Check out these photos to see how our view of the deck changes from month to month.

Green dot 2pt blank Posted: 04-July-1998
The Garden Page. Pictures of nature's presents that appear from time to time in our garden. Check out the fruit of Marilyn's labor.

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