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Dave Lambing Graphic Design. New 2 2pt blank
Are you looking for an experienced graphic designer? Please visit Dave's website for more background and information. On top of it all, Dave is a good golfer and a great guy.
The Desert Adventures Home Page. New 2 2pt blank
Please visit this excellent site hosted by my long time friend Larry Pratt. Larry and Kathy (his lovely wife) enjoy visiting some of the most beautiful real estate on the planet. Check out these pages and enjoy the thoughtful words and beautiful pictures.
The PSA (Pacific Southwest Airlines) history page. Updated!
Bob worked for PSA/SJC for 18 years. Very cool site!
Apple Computer, Inc. Home of the best computers on the planet. Have you checked out our stock price lately?
Exclamation Point home page Updated!
A must stop for the needlepointer, cross-stitcher, quilter or hand-sewer.
Mandozine A spectacular web publication. Lovely to look at AND content rich! A must see ...
The Icon Factory If you like those special desktop icons, check out this site. All the icons are free!

Worthy of your support ...

The Gorilla Foundation ... Home to Koko, Michael and Nduma ... send money!
The Monterey Bay Aquarium ... A great resource for Central California.
The Cousteau Society ... Marilyn and I have been members since 1975. The Society is trying to help convince us all to try and save our oceans. A most noble cause.

Macintosh Software updates ...

Version Tracker ... The First - The Fastest - The Easiest way to find Macintosh updates. Listing current versions of Mac software with hourly updates.
MacUpdate ... Offering one of the largest and fastest places to download the latest software. You can search for a particular file, or browse their huge archive by defined software categories.

That's Entertainment! ...

The Internet Movie Database ... The "BIG Daddy" of movie databases. Excellent.
All Music ... Select the All-Music Guide. A complete database of CD and vinyl by artist or title ... with complete track listings!

Just plain cool places to visit ...

Very cool! ... I sure hope you can find that pair of red/blue 3-D glasses you stashed away, because Silicon Graphics has provided you with a treat. This is a QuickTime VR panorama from the current visit to Mars.
National Geographic Society Magazine ... One of America's most enduring and interesting publications.
Sports Illustrated ... If you like sports ...
The Smithsonian Institution ... It's a cool place ....
The Shuttle Page ... I still find this stuff interesting ...

Technical Resources ... for Macintosh

MacSurfer's Headline News ... An index for the sites that are listed directly below, and many more.
MacResource ... The Mac Resource Page. Up-to-date information about all things Macintosh.
Mac Central ... More good stuff ...
Mac Fix It ... An excellent site.
MacWeek Magazine ... Tough to get a subscription ... who cares? It's available on-line ...
ResExcellence ... A site devoted to my favorite Macintosh program ... ResEdit. The Apple resource editor. Lots of fun, but remember, always work on a copy of the file to be edited.

Information / Reference

The Merriam Webster Dictionary ... How cool! A great on-line dictionary and thesaurus. Give it a try.
BABEL ... A glossary of computer oriented abbreviations and acronyms
TechEncyclopedia ... A dictionary of technical terms. Very useful.
The Top 10 List ... An archive of Dave Letterman's nightly top 10 lists ... since 1993

Taking care of business ...

CalTrain schedule please ... Have you ever wondered when the next CalTrain was leaving for SFO?
The Universal Currency Converter ... Figure out how much you really spent on that trip to Europe. ... Where to start looking for someone you want to find.
MapQuest ... This is where you find out how to go from here to there ... door-to-door driving instructions!
AT&T Tollfree Directory ... Where to start looking for that 800 number you misplaced.
FedEx package tracking ... Got your FedEx tracking number? Check here to see if it has arrived.
UPS package tracking ... Got your UPS tracking number? Check here to see if it has arrived.

HTML / Web Design / Reference

A HTML online tutorial ... Do you want to learn some basic and intermediate HTML authoring skills? Well, this is the site for you! Each online tutorial can take up to about 2 hours to complete, but after you have completed these exercises, you will feel it was time well spent. (If you feel you wasted your time, send me a nasty note.)
Doctor HTML v5 ... Now that you have written that first batch of code, and posted it to that private location at your site provider, run it by the Doctor. "Point" the HTML Doctor to your page(s) and have your code analyzed. You define the degree of detail you want, and the Doctor provides that report. Very cool.
Net tips for writers and designers ... A great resource for tips that will make your web pages more effective, efficient and exciting. Do yourself a favor and check this site out ... it is out of sight!
Creating Net Sites by Netscape ... As usual, Netscape does a great job with their documentation. If you want to start your own site, this is a good starting point.
HTML elements list ... A federal agency that provides some pretty useful information. A good resource for a web site developer.
The World Wide Web Consortium ... The W3C was founded in 1994 to develop common protocols for the evolution of the World Wide Web. Initially, the W3C was established in collaboration with CERN, where the Web originated. "We're vendor neutral, working with the global community to produce specifications and reference software that is made freely available throughout the world."
Web page design for designers Updated New URL! ... A very cool site in the UK that has lots of good design information. Joe Gillespie explains issues that you need to know when creating a website for Macintosh and Windoze access. Check it out!
List of special characters for use within HTML ... Netscape provides this page for your reference. It contains the code needed to display "special" characters within your HTML. Try it. You'll like it!

Other exciting pages at this web site ...

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