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Jack has provided an update on the progress to date on NC23266. Here is the latest update in his own words ...

The (CLC-1) Cherokee has passed the annual inspection and work has once again begun on the restoration of the CLC-2. I did not have any film for the camera until today and thus the pictures will be coming soon. I have inspected the fuel tank and found it to be in excellent condition except for the paint job, so I have striped and repainted it and it is now ready for reinstallation. The rudder pedals have been repaired and primed waiting for the finish coat.

The Control Sticks, Control Torque Tube, and Fuel Tank Hangars have been cleaned, paint removed and primed waiting for finish coat.

The tail flying wires have been cleaned and the attachment clevises have been polished and are ready for reinstallation.

I did find one set back though. The lower longeron (lower airframe structure) tube which was cracked seems to also be rusted on the inside. This is not totally unexpected but does make the restoration a bit more complicated.

I have talked with the CUB Dr. (Clyde Smith Jr.) and believe that I have located all of the original type instruments to make the interior look Original (Stock). Clyde was the fellow that I took the restoration class from before I went to get the CUB. He is a wealth of knowledge on the old Pipers. I have two of the four white faced instruments and He has at least one each of the ones that I am missing and is willing to let me buy them from him. I will send them all in to have them reconditioned and they will look new when I install them.

I have done a lot of catalogue research which has increased my knowledge in the process.

I will get you some pictures soon. I plan to go out this weekend and take some of the reconditioned parts ready for installation and the new damage I found. I will get these off to you ASAP.

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Jack sent some pictures of the trip from Florida to California (check 'em out below). He included a picture of the rig, attached to Jess's trusty Dodge truck, and ready to hit the road. Jack and Jess recommend you try to avoid the roads in Louisiana at all costs. They made a stop in Texas to purchase material to repair damage to the trailer courtesy of the roads in the President's home state. They continued on I10 through Texas (Jack said it seemed the entire trip was on I10 in Texas!). They arrived at Camarillo just 4 days later.

That's it for now. Jack has said that he is still disassembling in preparation for assembly. He will keep me posted as he progresses and I will do my best to report it here. Enjoy the new photos ...

Amber dot 2pt blank (13-December-1998)

I first heard of Jack and Carol's plan this past September. Jack had been searching for a project, and I believe he had a Piper J-3 Cub in mind. Jack mentioned this to his good friend (and former co-worker at Piper Aviation) Jess Krall. Jess is a man of action. He found an 1939 J-3 Piper Cub available in Vero Beach, Florida. The hangar is on the Vero Beach Aerodrome which is a community with an airport in the center and houses all around. (Taxi to your hangar and get out.) So, Jack took a trip to Florida and visited the candidate himself. The former owner of NC23266, Mr. Landis Ketner met Jack and Jess at the hanger to view the Cub in person. Jack had to use his imagination (the plane was in parts), but decided this was "the one".

Jess made arrangements to meet Jack in Vero Beach in mid-November. (Now this is a friend!) Jess had his trusty Dodge truck and a boat trailer. After making some modifications to the boat trailer, they were ready to transport the Cub back to Jack and Carol's hanger in Camarillo. A mere 2600 miles to the west.

Check out the first installment of photos. You will get a good look at all of the principal players in this project.   Jack, Carol, Jess, Landis, and, of course,   NC23266 ...

The Restoration of NC23266 Photo Gallery

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and Jess's trusty Dodge truck ... ready to go.

Jack looking a little sheepish as he surveys his project.

Jack swore they were on I10 in Texas the entire trip!

Jess, with truck, trailer and payload ... successfully delivered.

Jess and Landis
loading the left wing on the trailer.

Both wings are now loaded and secure.

Former owner
Landis Ketner
says goodbye to NC23266

Jack and Carol
amongst the parts
NOTE: the pilot in command sits aft.

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