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As I suggested in the banner text, Al (Beppp) Thomas brought his family west to witness one last major league baseball game at "The Stick". (3-Com Park just does not cut the mustard.) We all saw the Giants fall in the top of the 9th inning to a tough Cincinnati team. We still enjoyed our day. (Click on the picture in the page banner for a closer look of most of the day's participants.)

The day started with early morning phone calls to all participants. (With the exceptions of Mark and Jerry ... they were already at work.) Although Nini's (the best breakfast on the planet) does not take reservations, they did appreciate the warning that a group of 12 was headed their way for breakfast. Marilyn and I picked up Judy (she had peanuts and her famous homemade, fresh squeezed, unbelievably tasty lemonade) and proceeded to the San Mateo - Burlingame border.

We arrived about 10 minutes early. Next to arrive was my sister Sue. She was ready for a day of baseball. Mouse (aka Mark) got away early from work and made it for breakfast. About 10 minutes later the Thomas Family's land yacht (actually Bevie's Dad's Lincoln Town Car) arrived with everyone aboard. We told the hostess we were all here, and she immediately escorted us to our awaiting table on the back patio. Talk about perfect timing!

Everyone had a wonderful breakfast. I do not call it the best breakfast on the planet for nothing. Many of us had the special "Mondo" omelet ... with the infamous spicy country patty sausage. So good!. Everyone went away full and happy. Great meal.

The next stop was the park. As we drove up the peninsula, the weather looked like a typical Candlestick day. It was overcast, breezy and cool. We all found our seats, and just before the game began, the sun came out. It was beautiful for the balance of the day. The cooling breeze, and the full warm sun were a perfect combination for a day at the Stick.

Bo showed up right on time, so everyone was in their seat for the first pitch. Thanks to Sue's, son's (Greg), wife's (Gina) cousin Amy (Thanks Amy!), most of us were in section 16, rows D and E. Super seats. Mark had a special surprise as well. He had four seats in section 4 rows A and B. Directly behind the entrance to the visitors dugout, and directly on the first base line. Wow!

There was a lot of good baseball played. Good offense (I believe 3 Giant homeruns), and great defense (some hot catches in the outfield). Unfortunately, the Giant's "closer" let a one run lead get away. It was the only part of the day that did not go as hoped. We all had a great time.

OK, enough of me balbbing on about our day. Check out the pictures below, I am sure you will enjoy seeing everyone ...

The Thomas Family Photo Gallery

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Andy and Robbie having some fun

One well fed group!
(Where have I seen
these folks before?)

Sister Sue and Marilyn
(Note Phread's
ultra cool
San Francisco Seals

Reverend Bo (Jerry)
and Beppp (Al)

Master Robert

Phread, Eric
and Mouse

(aka: Big Al)

Ms. Karli

Our dear Beverly

Ms. Debbie

Well, I guess its ...
Bye, Bye Baby!
Thanks for the memories

What a great day. I hope you enjoyed the story and photos. See you all soon ...

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