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Yesterday, 12-September-1998, our dear friends Al, Bevie, Karli, Eric, Robbie, Debbie and Andy Thomas hosted a gathering at the Paradise Park home of Mark and Judy McEuen. (You can "click" on the photo in the banner to get a closer look at the entrance to the park.) The Thomas family is at the end of their annual West Coast vacation, and this time, we were in town and had the opportunity to visit. We had a great time!

Everyone is doing well. We had time to have a good conversation with everyone. The children all had lots of exciting stories to tell about their summer vacation. Talking with all of them was lots of fun. Beppp is working hard in St. Louis for US Airways. Bevie is taking care of herself and the family. It sounds like the party is over when they get home ... it is time to start school again.

We got a unexpected surprise when we arrived at the park, the Locke family (Glen, Judy, Elaina, Jackson and Elise) were visiting. Glen is looking well and recovering nicely from his recent health problems. The children are really growing fast. It is especially noticeable when there are 18 months or so between visits. They left early, but it was great to see them all.

Al had dinner on Friday evening with Paul, Domi, Valerie and Natalie Stenzel and Jerry "Bo" Josephson. They went to Tampico in Santa Cruz for the famous Red Snapper. Beppp said the place has not changed a bit. They all enjoyed the meal. It was good to hear that these folks are all doing well.

Al was excited to report that he bought some monster artichokes and enjoyed consuming them. A good artichoke is a rare item in St. Louis. They also enjoyed the great fresh salads and fruit. I guess we are really lucky to be on the West Coast when it comes to fresh produce.

Speaking of food, we had good old hamburgers for dinner. Besides everyone already mentioned, Bevie's good friend from her college days at San Jose State, Cindy Langford, joined us for dinner. Judy made an incredibly edible shredded chicken salad that was the perfect compliment to the burgers. Cindy brought a burnt almond cake from Dick's Bakery ... a San Jose tradition ... and it was a spectacular dessert. Did I say we had a great time?

Besides the visit to "the beach house" as Eric and Robbie call it, the family spent time with Bevie's Mom and Dad in Vallejo. The family will be heading home to St. Louis this coming Tuesday. We wish them a safe and swift trip home.

Well, that's it from me. Check out the pictures below, I am sure you will enjoy seeing everyone ...

The Thomas Family Photo Gallery

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Al with Karli, Eric, Robbie, Debbie and Andy. To get a closer look at each picture, "click" on these photos.

Are they cute, or what!
The lovely Aunt Marilyn and Miss Debbie

Mark and Bevie

Tres hosers, eh?

Bep's best side
According to Marilyn

Judy ... Bevie ... Mark

Beppp gets ready to consume his burger and shredded chicken salad ... yum!

We convinced Cindy to stay for dinner

The Thomas kids celebrate the end of summer with some "bubbly" ... Martinelli's sparkling cider

Beppp and Bep celebrating the end of summer

Its those tres hosers again.

Well, that's it for now. I am hoping Al will send some of the pictures he took of their vacation. If he does, I will post them here.

Thanks for the visit Thomas Family ...
we had a ball!

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