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as pictured above: Karli, Debbie, Beverly, Robbie, Andy, Al (Beppp) and Eric Thomas. (Click here to see a full size copy of the picture above.) The Thomas family arrived at the home of Mark and Judy McEuen on Thrusday evening (the 20th). How nice to have them all back on this coast.

Friday, February 21, 1997 ...

Friday was a day for visiting and celebration. Beverly, Debbie, Robbie and Andy went to visit with friends in Milpitas. Beppp, Karli and Eric came to visit with me (Bob / Bep). We all had a great time surfing the Web and having fun with Photoshop! Does it get any better than this!? Anyway, the big event of the day was celebration of Karli's birthday! Our little Karli is now 14 years old and stands 5 feet 6 inches ... almost as tall as Mom, but not yet. Beverly, Marilyn, Judy, Karli, Eric, Mark, Beppp and I had a great dinner at El Burro (in the Pruneyard). We all had a great time visiting and swapping stories.

Saturday, February 22, 1997 ...

Beppp, Bevie and the gang have plans for most of the day. They are visiting friends and shopping. We are going to meet with a whole pile of people for dinner this evening. I will have pictures and news soon. Standby for much more!

Hey, I'm back. We had a great time at Harry's (should have taken a picture). The atmosphere was great (loud and busy) and the food was delicious. However, the best part was the company. Present (in no particular order) were ...

  • The Thomas Family ... Al (Beppp), Beverly, Karli, Eric, Robbie, Debbie and Andy
  • The Locke Family ... Glen, Judy, Elaina, Jackson and Elise
  • Jerry "Revrend Bo" Josephson
  • Bo's wonderful neighbors Lynn and Levi
  • Larry and Marcia Wert
  • Mary Hawkins
  • Neil Murray
  • Kurt and Imelda Diltz
  • Kurt Langholff
  • Mark and Judy McEuen
  • If you want to see some familiar faces, click this link to the Thomas Family Visit Photo Gallery ...

    Sunday, February 23, 1997 ...

    The Thomas family was up early this morning. Beverly had a date to sing at her former church here in San Jose ... the Foxworthy Baptist Church. Judy reports that the everyone was out the door by 0730, and they arrived with time to spare. The family had lunch with friends and headed back to the McEuen's. Everyone got packed, and the Thomas Family was on the road to Forestville (their former home ... before St. Louis). It was great to see them all ... in person! It was a special treat to meet Robbie, Debbie and Andy. What a wonderful family.

    I will post reports on their progress as it is received. We wish them a safe trip home.

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