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Well, we had yet another memorable visit with our good friends Dennis and Tami Neveras. We pulled into their driveway on Friday, June 15, 2001. The following Friday we returned home with lots of good times to remember. (And lots of pictures to assist the memory!)

Friday ... June 15, 2001
We got started, bright and early, at 0550. Then again at 0555 after I returned home to get my wallet (only got about .5 miles from home before I remembered). It was a smooth ride, and we arrived just past 1400. Bepp greeted us, we unpacked the car, put stuff "away" in our room, and then the vacation began.

Bepp introduced me to Mike's hard lemonade. Very tasty with a float of Tequila. (I did noticed that the first one made my lips numb.) We had the last of the lemonade to wash down some of the excellent Pizza Mondo pie.

Saturday ... June 16, 2001
The highlight of the day was a round of golf at Widgi Creek Golf Club in Bend. The course was in great shape. The weather was perfect for 18 holes. Here is a picture of Marilyn & Dennis before we started.

We arrived back home in plenty of time to get ready for our dinner guests. Guy and Linda Beaudine joined us for some of Tami's ever delicious pork chile verde burritos! Wow! We were all plenty full by the time dinner was over. Dessert was a most tasty cheese cake (with Kiwi garnish). Yummy. Check out the pictures ...

Sunday ... June 17, 2001
We coasted on Sunday. We had breakfast at Aspenglow Cafe on Bond Street in downtown Bend. The waffles were delicious and the shoulder bacon was very good. We made a COSTCO run before returning home. We went to see Swordfish in the early afternoon. No dozing off during this movie ... lots of action!

Shortly after we arrive home, Dennis put the ribs on to cook. Tami's Mom joined us for dinner. The ribs were finger lickin' good. Most excellent.

Monday ... June 18, 2001
We had a 1000 tee time this morning. It must of agreed with Marilyn. On the 106 yard Par 3 - 2nd hole, Marilyn launched her tee shot to within 3 feet of the cup. You do not have to believe me, look for yourself. She buried the putt for a 2. Way to go Phread!

We made it to the 18th fairway, and Bepp took this picture. Marilyn went on to finish with a spectacular score. She shaved 15 stokes off her previous best. Needless to say, we had fun on Monday.

Tuesday ... June 19, 2001
Bepp went to work. The girls went shopping. Dennis was home by 1000, and we headed to Redmond to do some shopping. Dennis stopped to order a sprocket for the roaster at work, and then we went to pick up our traditional Prime Rib roast at the Redmond Lockers and Custom Meats. (Look for a picture of the finished product under "Thursday" ... listed below.)

We all gathered back at the house before we headed for dinner with Larry and Kathy Pratt. We ate at the local Outback. We had a nice visit and got updated on Larry and Kathy's adventures and work lives. We hope to see them again in September. Here is a picture of all of us after dinner.

Wednesday ... June 20, 2001
Another day of golf. This time Tami joined us for the walk around the old golf course. We had fun. It was another beautiful day.

Later in the afternoon, Dona Houtz (co-worker and friend of Dennis and Tami) dropped by to say hello. We had a nice visit. I believe Dona had one of Bepp's by now famous "lemonades". We all had fun discussing the movie O Brother, Where art thou?. We all enjoyed the film and laughed a lot! Here is a photo of Dona, Dennis and Bob enjoying a replay.

Thursday ... June 21, 2001
Bepp went to work. Tami went to work. I took a couple of pictures of the house.

  • Home Sweet Home . I took this from across the street (looking south).
  • East end . I took this from the east end of the property. It's a beauty!

Marilyn and I had a "business" meeting in town at noon. We had lunch at the newest Royal Blend Coffee retail location. Very nice. Here is a photo of Bob sometime before lunch.

We were home by 1500, and Bepp already had that Prime Rib we picked up on Tuesday, on the barbie. It smelled so good. Marilyn and Tami played Scrabble until the roast was done.

CAUTION ... do not click on the "roast" link below if ... 1: your are a vegetarian, or 2: you are extremely hungry. We cannot be responsible for your reaction, or consequences that may arise from your reaction to viewing this photograph.

Shortly after, the roast was ready for consumption. Marilyn helped by setting the table. Tami rescued the potatoes from the oven, and the rest is history. It was scrumptious!

Friday ... June 22, 2001
We said goodbye to Tami, Bepp and the "kids" (Britt and Smudge) and got on the road. We were rolling by 0540. We stopped briefly on the Expressway out of town to take this photo looking west towards Broken Top and the "South Sister". We continued home listening to the one of our audio books, "Snow Falling on Cedars" by Peter Marinker (audio books are great for long car trips). Good book, but it moved slowly. Just south of Dorris (about 2 miles from the Oregon/California border on Highway 97) I took this photo of Mt. Shasta. It sure is beautiful.

The next thing you know ... we are home (we arrived at 1410). Marilyn unpacked and watered the yard. I went to the Post Office and the grocery store. It was a great visit. We are looking forward to a return visit this Fall. Watch this website for our further adventures ...

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