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Well, we had another memorable visit with our good friends Dennis and Tami Neveras. We pulled into their driveway on Friday, September 18, 1998 and did not leave until Friday, September 25, 1998. We returned home reluctantly, but with lots of good times to remember until our next visit.

Friday ... September 18, 1998
For the first time we can remember, we surprised Tami with our arrival. In the past, she has always been there to greet us at the garage door. We must have been extra quiet when we pulled into the driveway. This time we actually had to ring the door bell. It took us about 5 minutes to unpack the car, another 5 minutes to put stuff "away" in our room, and then the vacation began.

Bepp cooked up some incredibly delicious ribs for dinner. Excellent. Then, for dessert, we were introduced to "Fat Boys"! If you are a COSTCO regular, you may have heard of these yummy ice cream sandwiches. They were new to us and pretty darn tasty. We ate many more Fat Boys in the next 7 days. Here is some of what we did for the balance of our visit ...

Saturday ... September 19, 1998
The highlight of the day was a round of golf at Lost Tracks Golf Club in Bend. This was our fourth visit to the course. It is maturing nicely and has some spectacular views of the many notable mountains and peaks in the area. Golf in central Oregon is hard to beat.

Sunday ... September 20, 1998
We started the day with breakfast out ... we do not do this often. We had a great breakfast at the "Original Pantry Restaurant". We next headed for Paulina Peak (pronounced: Paul-lie-na) and the BIG obsidian flows in the Newberry Crater. We checked out all of the local sites. This has to be a geologist's paradise. You can see pictures below, and visit these very fine U.S. Forest Service sites:

  • Newberry Crater
  • Paulina Peak
  • Paulina Lake
  • BIG Obsidian Flow Trail
  • We arrived home, got cleaned up, and headed for dinner with Linda and Guy Beaudine. This was our first visit to the newly completed Beaudine home. It looks great. Guy was in charge of the food. We had some excellent snacks and he prepared a gourmet dinner for all. Salad, pasta and salmon. Excellent. We all had a nice visit and enjoyed our tour of the house. I was hoping to include a picture of Linda, Guy, Lacey and Brewster (the pups), but the pictures I took did not do any of them credit. I will try to get a good pic next trip.

    Monday ... September 21, 1998
    We piled into the car early in the morning and headed for the Meadow Lakes Golf Course in Prineville, Oregon. It is a 40 minute drive to the northeast of Bend. Prineville is located in a nice valley, with the golf course just off the road into town. Tami joined the foursome for the first time in many years. This was her first full 18 holes since neck surgery. She did great! Marilyn had fun, Bepp played well, and there was no score posted for Bob.

    When we got home we freshened up and had Tami's World Famous chili verde burritos for dinner. They were fantastic. Guess what we had for dessert?

    Tuesday ... September 22, 1998
    Bepp went to work. The girls went shopping. I stayed at home and updated the computer. Everyone had a good day. We all took our good friend Ellen Hanscom and her daughter Jessica to dinner at the Bijou Cafe to celebrate Ellen's birthday. Our host, Axel Hoch, did a fantastic job on everyone's dinner. We went back home for birthday cake and coffee.

    Wednesday ... September 23, 1998
    Another day of golf. This time at Widgi Creek Golf Club ... Dennis and Tami's "home" course. We all had a good time. The weather was perfect, the best of the trip. Check out the pictures below. After golf we headed home and had more burritos for dinner. Yummy.

    Thursday ... September 24, 1998
    Bepp went to work. The girls went shopping. I stayed at home and updated the computer. Hey! Is there an echo in here!? When Bepp and the girls got home, we took a short trip to Tumalo Falls. This is the source for the Bend water system. We drove over a very rough 4.5 mile dirt road to get to the base of the falls. It was worth the drive. Check out the pictures below. For more information, follow this link to the U.S. Forest Service page for Tumalo Falls.

    We met Ellen and Jessica at Yoko's for dinner. I believe they make the best sushi east of the Cascades.

    Friday ... September 25, 1998
    Bepp went to work. We said goodbye to Tami and the "kids" (Britt, Mittsy and Smudge) and got on the road. We were rolling by 0640. We finished listening to the last half of one of our audio books, "A Walk in the Woods" by Bill Bryson (great for long car trips). We just finished listening to the last tape, and we were enjoying the sounds of the road, when just south of Weed, CA on Interstate 5, we came to a complete stop. About 2 miles ahead of us, a big rig had rolled, blocking both southbound lanes. We started moving after 40 minutes, and cleared the nasty looking accident within an hour. The rest of the trip home was routine. We listened to our other audio book "On the Road" by Charles Kuralt. It was excellent. IMHO he was a national treasure. The next thing you know ... we are home. Marilyn unpacked and watered the yard. I went to the Post Office and the grocery store.

    Well, that's it from me. Check out the pictures below, I am sure you will enjoy seeing the sites ...


    Paulina Peak / Paulina Lake / BIG Obsidian Flow

    If you would like to see a full sized version of any picture, just click on the appropriate thumbnail version.

    The view toward Paulina Lake
    from Paulina Peak

    The summit marker ... 7984 feet above sea level

    Dennis, Tami and Phread. Brrrrrrr. It's cold up here!

    Bep and Phread
    at the summit
    (Digitally enhanced)
    Click here to see the original.

    Paulina Lake, the obsidian flow and East Lake
    from Paulina Peak

    Looking towards East Lake and the obsidian flow

    Looking towards Bend and Paulina Lake

    Look closely to see our tour guide.
    Click here for a better view.

    Marilyn and Tami at the BIG obsidian flow marker

    Bepp and Phread on the flow ...

    The path on the flow ...

    An unusual rock/obsidian combination.


    A round at Widgi Creek Golf Club

    Bepp tending the pin somewhere on the back 9 @ Widgi Creek

    The 15th hole.
    Tami made a birdie here!

    Tami at the 16th.
    Nice birdie O!

    The beautiful 16th fairway at Widgi Creek Golf Course
    Bend, Oregon

    Phread tees off at the 16th.

    Just a perfect day!


    Our Trip to Tumalo Falls

    Tumalo Falls

    We hit the trail ...

    Getting closer ...

    Right on top of the falls

    Hosts and guests

    The girls of the Falls

    This spot above the falls has a natural Jacuzzi built in!

    Another look at the falls

    It's Bepp

    Well, that's it for this trip. I hope you enjoyed seeing some of the sites around our favorite home-away-from-home ... Bend Oregon

    Thanks for the visit Bepp and O ...
    we had a ball!

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